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Answer To Common Questions:

A lot of people have questions about ButtMaxx®.
What is it? How exactly does it work to increase butt size? Is it safe?
All these questions and more are answered below:

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: What exactly is Buttmaxx?

Buttmaxx is a natural herbal supplement that contains natural ingredients that helps enhance buttocks of those taking it. It is an effective and natural butt enhancer that is efficiently made for faster and permanent butt enhancement.

Q: Is Buttmaxx Safe for Use?

Buttmaxx is fully tested for human safety, consistency, quality before being released for use. It is composed of high concentrate natural ingredients that make it a safe herbal formulation that every woman out there is free to comfortably use without any risk of failures or negative side effects.

Q: Who can take Buttmaxx?

ButtMaxx is made to be used by any man or woman who wants to enhance the size and shape of her buttocks without undergoing risky surgeries. Every person who wants to achieve a sexy and desirable butt shape accompanied by a considerably big size should take Buttmaxx.

Q: How long does it take to notice positive results?

ButtMaxx works remarkably fast. You will be able to enjoy significant results just after about 4 months of consistent use (sometimes sooner). This happens for most people. However, you are required to take the supplements for 12 months for you to have the best and permanent results. The period when you start noticing the results also largely depend on your body’s reaction and nature. Some people will not experience the results up to the twelfth month but that should not worry you. We also recommend that you use the supplements for a little over 12 months for you to achieve your maximum butt enhancement. The good thing with Buttmaxx is that you are free to stop using it once you achieve your desired results.

Q: What makes Buttmaxx better than other butt enhancement supplements?

Buttmaxx is the best butt enhancer on the market that you should use. Unlike other supplements, it is liquid in nature and that means that it is virtually fully absorbed into the body for maximum performance. This is because liquids absorb into the body 80% better than pills and other creams.

Q: How do I use Buttmaxx?

Take approximately 20 drops, 1ml of Buttmaxx twice a day as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Q: Must you get a prescription before using it?

Buttmaxx as a natural herbal supplement can be safely taken without any prescription. However, care should be taken not to exceed the recommended dose. People with known medical conditions, young children under the age of 18, pregnant mothers as well as nursing mothers should consult a physician before using Buttmaxx or any other supplement.

Q: Is your shipping discreet?

Yes. We respect your privacy and your product will be shipped discreetly and only you will know the content of the package. It will be shipped to you within 1 business day of receiving your cleared payment and ships to any location within the U.S.